Sharing configuration between your CI, build and development environments

Reading time: 6 minutes This post is a follow-up to our presentation at the OpenStack Summit in Berlin, where we discussed maintaining a unified CI and building pipelines using the open source CI system, Zuul. You’ll find a recording of the talk here and a related OpenStack Superuser writeup here. I thought it would be useful for some of you to expand the concept of unifying environments and to include also the development one. I will also explain why […]

Do you even Zuul? CI system reloaded

Compared to its previous version, Zuul v3 brings a lot of fresh ideas and solutions forged by the almost extreme needs of OpenStack.

CI/CD of CI/CD – how to avoid technical debt while delivering cutting edge software

When a company’s core business is delivering software, the tools it chooses to use are crucial to maintaining efficiency. Thus there is no reason to deliver CI/CD software in a model other than CI/CD.