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Webpack 3 to webpack 4: tips on migrating

Having heard a lot about speed improvements, we recently migrated from webpack 3 to webpack 4. The results have been astonishing: our average build time improved by 30%, and hot-reloading by 83%!

CI/CD of CI/CD – how to avoid technical debt while delivering cutting edge software

When a company’s core business is delivering software, the tools it chooses to use are crucial to maintaining efficiency. Thus there is no reason to deliver CI/CD software in a model other than CI/CD.

Debugging faultily inherited file handles on Microsoft Windows

Some time ago we fixed issues with multi-thread building in SConscripts. Since then, we have encountered strange, flaky compilation errors occurring randomly in about 5% of our builds. We couldn’t leave it that way

Legacy code: a time bomb for your business?

The problem with aging software and legacy apps afflicts every industry, from banking to insurance to telecommunications.