of end-users
state that
their security
has blocked
malware within
the last week

Source: AV comparatives, "IT Security Survey 2016", Last Revision: 15th February 2016

With the constant rise of new technologies and the growing number of internet-enabled devices your security perimeter is constantly evolving. The question arises: Are your security capabilities keeping up to protect your business?

At CodiLime we understand that cyber security has become a critical area for all businesses: from small startups to established giants, touching all the verticals. We believe that cyber security is something that your organization should embrace from the very beginning, and in order to be successful, it has to be a core part of your corporate DNA. CodiLime offers a variety of services and know-how that will help your organization enhance and broaden your current security capabilities:

Secure Development and Architecture Assessment

CodiLime offers outsourcing services which apply best security practices from the earliest stages and build products where security is a fundamental element. Our experienced architects will help you develop new ideas, enhance existing products and train your staff to always keep security in mind.

Performance Tests

Even the most secure network or infrastructure can fail when faced with a large volume of data/traffic. To prevent such occurrences, we offer several performance tests that should be executed before any problems arise. We are happy to share our experience with IxNetwork, IxLoad, Spirent test center and extensive knowledge about potential bottlenecks in network equipment to keep your services running – even under high-load conditions. Even with Simple IMIX pattern traffic or RFC2544 test, we can quickly identify your network’s weak points.

Penetration Tests

In order to continuously deliver secure solutions to our customers, we have been gathering and building an array of tools to verify software and platforms (OWASP, OSSTMM, Fuzzing and many others). This experience organically evolved to give us the capability to offer these services to all types of businesses. Our experts verify your assets and deliver a report highlighting existing gaps in your security. We then assist you in resolving them. During this seamless process, we will guide you on the path to a new level of security.

Processes Infrastructure Audits

Based on our experience in running an IT organization and our work with other businesses, we have developed a set of processes and rules that will help improve your organization’s security culture and awareness, and introduce them into your company’s daily routines. We guide your business through PCI DSS and HIPAA security compliance, enabling you to deliver best value to your customers.

Deployment and Management of Security Appliances and Capabilities

Thanks to our experience in Networks and DevOps domains, CodiLime can help you deploy and manage your security infrastructure. We provide services to protect your perimeter both on-premises and in the cloud. We are experienced in the deployment and anagement of Next Generation Firewalls (PaloAlto, Fortinet, Cisco, Juniper, Force Point), VPN, DPI, IDS and IPS systems. We will also help design, deploy and manage a central authentication system (AAA) for your company (using well known standards such as Radius, Kerberos, LDAP, Active Directory). Furthermore, we will integrate these systems with cable and WiFi networks (using 802.1x with or without captive portal integration, such as PacketFence).

Research and development

We know that real breakthroughs are born from a combination of continuous experimentation, relevant experience, top talent and the ability to leverage the synergy of different domains. We work closely with Academia and Machine Learning experts to build the next generation of products. Our Data Science team routinely proves their skills by placing highly in prestigious machine learning and deep learning competitions. Our successes include developing the winning image-recognition algorithm for right whale identification for the U.S. government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. We have also been successfully applying our knowledge in the security area (static and dynamic Malware detection). We are successfully cooperating with other R&D organizations and startups to unleash new capabilities in the cyber security field. Feel free to contact us!